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Let’s meet at a Safe Place

Gaskin & Healy

Sketch comedy Duo


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How it all started

In 2011 we, Vicky Gaskin and Jen Healy, two elastic faced, partial to silliness, lad-y actors drank prosecco and worked together (not at the same time, we're professionals!) in Venice and made each other laugh ALOT! We fell in instant lady friend love and continued to make each other laugh back home in London over more climatically appropriate red wine, and attempted to write comedy together. The drinking blurred our judgement and we banned it in the writing process and created sitcom pilot Limbo, and then unleashed Gaskin and Healy into our Safe Place at The Tristian Bates in Feb 2019.  Safe Place now runs monthly, and provides a 'safe place' for other emerging comedy performers of all breeds to develop and tryout new stuff alongside us. If you're interested in taking a spot then please do be our guest and get in touch!


Nice things people have said about us to our faces before any press

"I was worried what I would say to you if it wasn't funny. I'm really relieved, it was hilarious!"

Aisha (Gaskin's Friend)

"Your camel toes look amazing in those unitards!" 

"You're like vintage French and Saunders"


Kevin (Healy's friend)

Gaskin and Healy's egos

"It actually was funny"

Pete (Gaskin's Dad)


Reach out and book

Intrested in taking part in Safe Place?

Email Vicky and Jen: gaskinandhealy@gmail.com

Booking us for a gig:

Email Vicky and Jen: 


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